ELTE Budapest Summer University

ELTE Budapest Summer University
13/08 - 19/08

13. August 2018. - 19. August 2018.

ELTE Faculty of Law, 1053 Budapest Egyetem tér 1-3.

08/13 - 08/19

13. August 2018. - 19. August 2018.

ELTE Faculty of Law, 1053 Budapest Egyetem tér 1-3.

As the leading research university in Hungary we are dedicated to develop wide-ranging study programs for Hungarian and international students, facilitating the international involvement and networking of teaching and research staff, and stimulating students efficiently to participate in mobility programs. To fulfil these aims and priorities Eötvös Loránd University organizes
ELTE Budapest Summer University, which is a one-week program offered to Hungarian and international students, in various study fields. Language of the summer university is English.

The summer university comprises several interdisciplinary courses for students interested in law, cultural studies, social sciences and related fields.

Topics of courses:


SOCIAL PROBLEMS AND DISCRIMINATION - fieldwork (social sciences and cultural studies)

The course fee for one week: 300 EUR

Discounts: Early bird discount: - 10%, 270 EUR until 31 May, 2018

Covered by fee: 30 classes (45-minute-long), 2 lectures (90-minute-long) on Hungarian culture, history and traditions, related course materials, welcome package, one-day excursion outside of Budapest;

Not included in the fee: travel and visa costs, health insurance, accommodation, meals, social activities and organised visits, personal expenses;

For further information, please contact us hungariansummer@elte.hu

Deadline for application: 30 July 2018 

Website: www.elte.hu/en/elte-budapest-summer-university

Email: hungariansummer@elte.hu

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The accommodation costs are not included in the tuition fee. You can also choose from other room board opportunities in Budapest.

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