Summer school program

The summer university program is built up of three main blocks: 

  • Intensive Hungarian language course
  • Lectures on Hungarian culture, arts, and history
  • Cultural programs / social activities

Intensive Hungarian Language Course

We offer language courses from beginner to proficiency levels. Each course consists of four language lessons in the morning. There is also an optional lesson and special classes offered to students in the afternoon, which serves intensive language practice and focuses on specific language difficulties of the students:

  • classes with a speech therapist for better pronuciation (twice a week);
  • classes for better grammar, communication and listening skills;
  • singing lessons weekly;
  • mini-course on creative writing for students at B1-C2 level;
  • filmclub with recent years' best Hungarian films;

Lectures on Hungarian culture, art, and history

On the afternoon lecture series (16 classes), students get acquainted with Hungarian culture, arts, and history in an interactive and practical way.

Cultural programs / social activities

Budapest welcomes visitors with a wide range of programs, including historical and art exhibitions, and concerts during the whole year. Cultural programs at ELTE Summer University include short afternoon programs and one-day excursions in and outside Budapest. You can find the details HERE.

Please, check the daily schedule here or download the PDF version

Course levels

General aim:
Survival Hungarian: Students learn the basic rules of grammar, pronunciation, reading, words and expressions in everyday situations. They are able to participate in everyday conversations.

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General aim:
After bringing students to the same level, students develop skills that are necessary to survive in everyday situations with complex background. Students get acquainted with dialogues, narratives, and argumentative texts.

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General aim:
Students have the knowledge to survive in everyday situtations and they learn new text types (narrative and argumentative texts). Students develop their text comprehension skills with listening and reading exercises. Students work with autentic materials and enrich their vocabulary with idiomatic expressions. Students learn complex grammatical structures at the highest level of Hungarian.

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General aim:
Students are familiar with Hungarian language. They get an overview of grammatical systems from a functional perspective. Special attention is paid to problem cases for non-native speakers. On the speaking classes, students learn to use different registers and they also learn how to create narrative and argumentative texts. Students get also acquainted with professional texts and the language of media in Hungarian.

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