Hungarian Language and Culture - Practical

Hungarian Language and Culture - Practical

Costs/tuition fee

Covered by fee: 120x45-minute-long language classes, 8x90-minute-long lectures on Hungarian culture, history and traditions, classes with a speech therapist for better pronuciation twice a week, singing lessons weekly, mini-course on creative-writing for students at B1-C2 level, related course materials, welcome package, one-day excursion outside of Budapest;

Not included in the fee: travel and visa costs, health insurance, accommodation, meals, social activities and organised visits, personal expenses;


4 weeks

30 July - 24 August

(120 classes)

3 weeks

30 July - 19 August

(90 classes)

2 weeks

30 July - 12 August

(60 classes)

 ELTE International Students (-20%) *

480 EUR

360 EUR

312 EUR

 Summer University Alumni (-20%)

 (former students of the program)

480 EUR

360 EUR

312 EUR

 Early bird payments (-10%)

 (Until 1 May 2018)

550 EUR

413 EUR

358 EUR

 Full tuition fee

 (2 May - 15 July 2018)

600 EUR

450 EUR

390 EUR

* students who are currently enrolled in a full-time degree program at Eötvös Loránd University


Please fill in the application form carefully.
Please note that the application is accepted only after the tuition fee has been transfered.

Deadline for application:

1. 31 May 2018 - for those who need visa to travel to Hungary (and countries of the European Union) We are going to send you a Letter of Acceptance to support your visa application.

To be aware of visa regulations, please check the official website of Consular Services of Hungarian Government or our university's information website.

2. 15 July 2018 - for those applicants who do not need to apply for a visa to travel to Hungary.

Age limit

The summer university programme is open to candidates who are above 18 years old and finished secondary school.


Before 30 July 2018:
Applicants are entitled to a 98% refund of the tuition fee (2% is non-refundable transfer cost) until the summer university starts (30 July 2018). To request the refund, applicants are required to send an email with the subject line “Request for refund” to the email address and declare it in the email that they do not come to participate in the summer university.

After 30 July 2018:
After the start of the summer university (30 July 2018), applicants are not entitled to the refund of the tuition fee.


Any student can be accommodated in single or double rooms at an ELTE Student Residence Hall on demand. 

The accomodation costs are not included in the tuition fee. You can also choose from other room&board opportunities in Budapest.

Accommodation requests of students need to be indicated on the application form.

The average cost of accomodation is about EUR 300 - 520 per month (the dormitory fees in the summer can differ from the prices of the study period). The rooms will be booked by the International Office based on the requests of the application form.

(In case of cancelling the application for ELTE dormitory place, you should send us an e-mail with the subject line "Cancellation of dormitory place for summer school" to the email address and declare it in the email until 15 July 2018.)

Student discounts

There are lots of discounts offered to students in Hungary. For instance, public transport, sport, cinema tickets can cost almost half of the original prize.

If you have your student ID from your home university or an international student card (called ISIC), bring it with you because you might also use it during your stay in Hungary.

Students arriving from an EU/EEC country can purchase a monthly Budapest pass with their own student ID (from home university).

You can also bring your International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which also allows you access various benefits around the world.

Other costs

Besides the tuition fee and the accommodation, you need to cover the expenses of meals and local public transport for yourself.

A regular menu at the university canteen costs about HUF 750-1,000 (≈ EUR 2-4). There are also several restaurants around the university where you can have lunch for about HUF 1,000 – 1,500 (≈ EUR 3 – 5). If you decide to stay at an ELTE Student Residence Hall, you can also cook for yourself in the kitchen. The average cost of food for a month is about EUR 320-350.

Public transport in Budapest

Budapest has an efficient, diverse and low-cost network of public transport, including bus, metro, trolley bus, tram, suburban railway lines (called HÉV lines), and boat services. By using any kinds of transportation, you can reach your destination fast and convenient in the city.
The monthly Budapest pass for students costs HUF 3,450 (≈ EUR 11.5).
Check the prices for all types of tickets and passes on the website of the Center for Budapest Transport (Budapesti közlekedési Központ, BKK).

Location of the course
Both the language course and the lectures on Hungarian culture, arts, and history will be held in the heart of the city.


International Office
Rector's Cabinet
Eötvös Loránd University

Postal and visiting address: Szerb utca 21-23, 1056 Budapest, Hungary