For longer than 12 months: plastic student card

For longer than 12 months: plastic student card

If you are a student staying at ELTE longer than 12 months, (e.g. full-time students), you can't have a temporary student certificate without making an application for a permanent student card (a plastic one).

To receive a plastic student card, you need to start your request (see Steps 1-3 below).

It takes a few months until you receive this plastic student card. Therefore, we strongly advise you to request also a temporary student certificate (valid for 60 days) at Quaestura Office while your request for the plastic student card is being processed (Steps 1-3).

This student card is a plastic orange-brown card, in size similar to a bank card. 

This card contains your data (name, place and date of birth, address, type of student status), name of the university (Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem), and period of validity. 

To receive the plastic card, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to an Office of Government Issued Documents (short term: Registration Office; in Hungarian: Okmányiroda) and apply for a student card. 

Select an office nearby from this list and go there with your passport.
At the office tell the officer that you would like to apply for a student card and they will help.

There they will take a photo of you and have your main data registered. You get a form with a unique code in the top right corner called NEK identifier. 
Please double check all your data on the issued NEK-document! The data on the NEK document have to be exactly the same as the data registered in the Neptun system (if not, your student card request will be rejected)! 

Step 2: You need to register your application electronically in the Neptun system.

Go to “Administration” -> “Student card request” -> “Add new”

Here you need to type in:
(1)    your NEK identifier (mandatory)

  • Type in your NEK identifier correctly using capital letters and without any hyphens.

(2)    demand type (mandatory)

  • Here you can select the reason of your request (e.g. first application, due to data change, lost, new request due to false data).

(3)    your address (mandatory)

  • Select your home address (i.e., your permanent address in your home country) from the drop-down menu. If you select your home address during the process, the manufactured student card will contain the phrase 'Külföldi cím' ('foreign addres').

  • Since 01/01/2017, those student cards that contain the phrase 'külföldi cím' (foreign address) have been posted to the Hungarian Equivalence and Information Centre ('Oktatási Hivatal') which sends it to the University. As soon as the card is available, Quaestura Office will inform you. 

  • If your student card containing the phrase 'Külföldi cím' has been manufactured before 01/01/2017 and you have no information about where to receive it, please contact Quaestura Office of Student Services.

Students with Hungarian nationality (with dual citizenship):

  • if you have a dual citizenship, including Hungarian nationality
  • and if you have a Hungarian permanent address with the official card called “Lakcímet igazoló hatósági igazolvány
  • and if your Hungarian address is registered in the Neptun system.
    • In case your student card containing a Hungarian address has been manufactured before 15/02/2017, it is posted to your Hungarian address.
    • In case your student card containing a Hungarian address has been manufactured after 15/02/2017, it is posted to ELTE. As soon as the card is available, Quaestura Office will inform you.

If you only have a residence permit but no document called “Lakcímet igazoló hatósági igazolvány”, do NOT type in your Hungarian address. 

  • You need to register your permanent address in your home country, if you only have a Hungarian address in the Neptun systemGo to Quaestura Office where the administrators can help you register your permanent address in your home country in the Neptun system.

(4)    second institution

  • Do NOT fill in this field because in that case some further administration would be necessary.

After you've started the student card request, your card is hopefully ready in 2-3 months if there are no complications.

Step 3: Your student card is ready and you can obtain it.

From 15/02/2017 all student cards are posted to ELTE. As soon as the card is available, Quaestura Office will inform you.

Check on this site whether your student card is ready. When your student card is ready, you will see this text: “Sikeres diákigazolvány-igénylés” (“Successful student card request”)

Step 4: Losing a validated Student Card

In case you lost your validated student card or somebody stole it, you need to report it in this case category. The date of loss is the date of submission, thus make sure that you report the loss as soon as possible. After processing your case, you will be charged for not returning the card with the validation sticker (3500 HUF). However, in case you have a police report about losing the student card, please upload it to the submitted case and the Office will delete the charge. In this case, the date of loss will be the issue date of the police report.

Need help?

If you have any questions, go to Quaestura Office with your NEK form where the administrators can help you register your application in the Neptun system (Step 2).

Read section 9.10 Student Card request in the Neptun user guide for students (downloadable from the Neptun opening site).