Student residence halls

Student residence halls

Application of the non-first year students (Neptun application)

Announcement of the dormitory and housing application to the 2020/2021 academic year of the non-first year international students

The ELTE Dormitory Centre and the ELTE Housing Office make every effort to offer a wide range of quality and affordable accommodations to its present and future students. The COVID-19 epidemic made it necessary to create a more flexible accommodating system than before, where the dormitories, and other non-ELTE accommodations (altogether: housing) are not separated fields, but real alternatives of each other.

We strongly encourage everyone who is entitled to apply to fill the form, because even if you do not apply to one or any services, the rest of your answers still help us appraising the students’ needs and improve our portfolio and services.

We announce the dormitory and housing application to the 2020/2021 academic year for the non-first year international students.

How to apply:

Those non-first year students, who have access to the Neptun (everyone, who had already enrolled at least for one semester at the ELTE), must apply to the dormitory and housing services there. Log in into your Neptun (, and under the Administration – Requests menu choose the “Dormitory application to the 2020/2021 academic year of international students” form.

Most questions are mandatory. Unlike in the previous years, you can apply only to the Dormitory Centre, but you cannot make a priority order between the dormitories. The answers can be changed until you click on the “Send” button on the confirmation page. After you click on “Send” (which is necessary to have a valid application!), the form becomes final and you will not be able to change it anymore.

The form is active from 8th of July 2020, 14:00 until 19th of July 2020, 23:59.

In case you experience any technical problem, contact us at immediately!


The dormitory places are assigned based on an objective point-ranking system, which will be announced later, but before sending the dormitory application results. The decision of the Dormitory Centre will be sent in an e-mail either in the “Letter of Acceptance to the ELTE … Dormitory” or in the “Letter of Rejection”, expectedly in the end of July. Make sure to check your spam folder as well!

The housing applicants will be contacted in e-mail after the application is closed.

Accommodation documents:

Accommodation documents issued by the Dormitory Centre about the next academic year can be made only if and after you are accepted to a dormitory. The Letter of Acceptance is enough to extend your residence permit in most cases, but if you need another document (like the accommodation reporting form for third country nationals, or a proof of accommodation), contact us at

Every housing partner provides the necessary accommodation documents after you sign a contract with them.