Dormitory and housing application form

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I declare that I have read the information pages of the Dormitory Centre and the Housing Office before applying.I understand and accept that every applicant will be informed about the dormitory application results at once (except for the waiting list), and that I’m not entitled to a dormitory place and to a proof of accommodation issued by the dormitories until the Dormitory Centre sends its letter of acceptance.
I’m aware that the Letter of Acceptance of Eötvös Loránd University (hereafter ELTE) or its Faculty, if it mentions an ELTE dormitory’s name and address for such purpose, can be used as a temporary proof of accommodation in the visa application.*

I declare that the application was made in my own name, and every information provided here is real, complete and valid.*

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Dormitory application

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Please, select the dormitories you would like to apply to. Please, note that this shows only your preferences, and you can be accepted to a dormitory you did not selected.

Do you have any special need we should consider to provide equal opportunities?*

(E.g. easy access room for wheelchaired or blind person, single room because of autism, etc. You can explain it in the next question.) Please, note that a translated (Hungarian or English) expert certificate is necessary to prove your entitlement, which will be determined after consulting with the ELTE Disability Center.

Other notes we should consider during the application (preferred room type, roommate, explaining a disability, etc.):

housing application

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I give my consent to the ELTE Housing Office to share my name, gender and e-mail address with the contracted real estate agency partners of ELTE, in order to contact me directly to help finding an accommodation:*

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