International Alumni Groups

International Alumni Groups

International Alumni Groups

Currently, we are building our international alumni network worldwide and we are planning to establish local International Alumni Groups within the ELTE International Alumni Chapter.

Aims of the ELTE Local International Alumni Groups

  • Build network between ELTE and local alumni

  • Encouraging intellectual, emotional and professional ties between members and ELTE

  • Organise events for alumni in the region

  • Promote ELTE in the region

  • Find supporters for ELTE

Local International Alumni Groups regularly organize social events in the region and maintain regular communication with the International Office, Rector’s Cabinet ELTE. We strongly encourage you to join the International Alumni Group of your region, which is an easy way to keep in touch with fellow ELTE international alumni and also with the university.

Why to participate in an ELTE Local International Alumni Group?

  • Professional and social networking
  • Lifelong learning and lifelong relationship with ELTE

  • Continuing professional development

Call for International Alumni Group Leaders
Each ELTE International Alumni Group is led by a volunteer ELTE international alumnus. We are looking for enthusiastic ELTE alumni who would like to be leaders of their local Alumni Groups. Check out the Call for ELTE International Alumni Group Leaders, then fill in the Interest Form.

Would you like to lead the ELTE Alumni Group of your country/region?
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