Alliances for Society – CHARM-EU Annual Conference 2023

Alliances for Society – CHARM-EU Annual Conference 2023
CHARM-EU is organising its fourth Annual Conference on the 7th November 2023. The hybrid event will connect higher education institutions with business and industry partners, as well as local and regional governments to reflect on the societal impact of European University Alliances.

In the face of unprecedented environmental, social, and economic challenges, collaboration between universities, industry, government and NGOs has never been more critical. Hosted by the University of Würzburg, the CHARM-EU Annual Conference 2023 will foster cross-disciplinary dialogues and partnerships, bringing together the diverse fields of higher education, private sector innovation, and local and regional governance. Speakers and thematic sessions will focus on sharing best practices for collaboration, mapping the future of European University Alliances, and on how to equip students with the skills they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Themes and Highlights

Collaborating with Business and Industry

Business and industry play a critical role in shaping sustainable solutions and driving economic transformation. The conference facilitates dialogue and partnerships between academia and the private sector, aiming to co-create innovative approaches to sustainability challenges such as circular economy initiatives, green technologies, and responsible supply chains.

Engaging with Local and Regional Governments

Inclusive and holistic sustainability strategies demand active collaboration with local and regional governments. The conference seeks to build bridges between academia and public authorities to facilitate the implementation of sustainable policies, harmonize urban and rural development, and foster community resilience.

Besides the plenary sessions, attendees will be invited to take part in interactive roundtable discussions on topics such as challenge-based learning, setting common research agendas, creating innovation networks and alliance’s impact on cultural exchange and intercultural understanding.

Registration to the Annual Conference is free of charge, travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the participant. The panel sessions will be available in a hybrid format.

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