Information on Equal Access

Information on Equal Access

ELTE is committed to equal access and universal planning. Accordingly, during the 2016 modernising of our website, we did not design a separate accessible version of the website. Instead, we sought to make the contents of our website accessible to everyone. A unified approach was adopted when designing the entire family of webpages for ELTE, including the main page, the homepages of every faculty, as well as all our webpages listed at

When developing our website that may be used by everyone, we followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 published in 2008. The work was supervised by a disability access auditor. In the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla search engines, the content of the website can be accessed using the Jaws for Windows and NVDA screen reader software programs.

We regularly test our website for accessibility and correct any errors that may occur. Observations may be sent to the following e-mail addresses:

a) Problems concerning equal access:
ELTE Office for Supporting Students’ Special Needs

b) Web development:
ELTE Communications, Marketing and Recruitment Directorate