Research Facts


Research Facts


ELTE not only offers quality education to the international community but it is also a great place to conduct research. Research at ELTE means international collaborations, interdisciplinary approaches, modern laboratory infrastructure, and innovation. Our researchers run cutting-edge projects funded by the European Union and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Along with international partners, our research groups are building strong connections also with industry.



  • Broad range of research fields: natural sciences, math and informatics, humanities, social sciences, psychology, educational sciences (but medicine is missing from the portfolio)
  • 16 doctoral schools with 126 doctoral programs
  • 75% of teaching staff hold a higher academic degree
  • High publication activities (Approximately 30.000 publications in the last five years)



Researcher community of ELTE

  • High reputation in Hungary
  • Internationally recognized research activities in several fields

Increasing number of new research groups

  • Research groups with Hungarian Academy of Sciences in many fields
  • Most MOMENTUM groups in Hungary
  • Increasing number of international research groups (ERC, CELSA...)

Much success in Hungarian grant applications

  • 15 researchers at ELTE possess over 10 000 citations each
  • 14 researchers at ELTE have a Hirsch-index over 50

Nearly half of ELTE's publications in 2017 were in a foreign language

(2236 foreign - 3047 hungarian scientific publications /Data source: ELTE databases and MTMT/)

Key Areas of Research

Where academic performance is high (data source: QS World University Rankings 2017):

  • Arts and Humanities (Archeology 101-150., Linguistics 151-200., English Language and Literature 251-300., Modern Languages 251-300.)
  • Computer Science & Information  Systems 451-500.
  • Life Sciences (Agriculture & Forestry 151-200., Biological Sciences 401-450.)
  • Natural Sciences (Chemistry 401-450., Mathematics 251-300., Physics & Astronomy 401-450.)


For information on the Faculties' research activites please see:

Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education

Faculty of Education and Psychology

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Social Sciences


Doctoral Schools of ELTE:

Doctoral School of Biology

Doctoral School of Chemistry

Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

Doctoral School of Education

Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences

Doctoral School of History

Doctoral School of Informatics

Doctoral School of Linguistics

Doctoral School of Literary Studies

Doctoral School of Mathematics

Doctoral School of Philosophy

Doctoral School of Physics

Doctoral School of Psychology

Doctoral School of Sociology, Postgraduate Program of Sociology


Organisations of close co-operation:

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Ministry of Human Capacities

National Research, Development and Innovation Office