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ELTE is the flagship institution of Hungarian higher education, science, and university-based innovation: a national asset that is capable of continuous development while preserving the quality of knowledge that grows from generation to generation, and holds its own in international competition. ELTE is an extraordinarily complex institution, hence the outcomes of its scientific and innovation initiatives are also produced in a complex system. They arise from individual research programmes, research groups, development priorities of individual faculties, Centres of Excellence and Competence, National Laboratories, corporate collaboration, international cooperation, inter-institutional tenders, industry programmes and intra-institutional collaboration. 

In the menus above, we present outstanding examples of ELTE's innovation activities. If you scroll down, you will find the list of related organizational units and innovation news. 

Organizational units of Eötvös Loránd University involved in innovation: 

Center for Innovation 

The ELTE Center for Innovation is an organizational unit of the university which was established to carry out tasks related to innovation, corporate cooperation and technology transfer. Its purpose is to act as a bridge between the University and industry, thereby promoting the industrial utilization of research results generated at the University. 

H-1053 Budapest, Kecskeméti utca 10–12., 2.5 emelet 
Phone: + 36 1 411-6747 
Director: Dániel MAGYAR 

Tenders Centre 

The Tenders Centre is an organizational unit that supports the preparation of tenders related to domestic and international RDI, as well as ELTE's educational and training activities, and facilitates the administrative process of the projects. Its purpose is to ensure the lawful and efficient use of tender resources, to standardize the system of internal requirements for teachers and researchers intending to submit tenders, and to increase the demand for and the success of tenders by providing high-quality support services. 

Address: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A, 0.91–0.98 
Phone: +36 1 411-6500 / 4560 
Director: Mihály PLESOCZKI 

University Strategy Office 

The University Strategy Office promotes the social and economic embeddedness of the University, and its active contribution to domestic and European Union socio-economic goals. Its focus areas include the Third Mission, innovation, sustainability, digital transformation and new technologies. 

H-1053 Budapest, Papnövelde utca 5-7. fsz. 4–6. 
Phone: + 36 1 411-6500 / 4459 
Head of Office: Szilvia SZÖLLŐSI 

 Office of Science Policy 

The Office of Science Policy is responsible for the development of the University's research and development activities, the dissemination of its results, and the professional administration of internal scientific tenders (especially the University Excellence Fund). The Office participates in the development of the ELTE Knowledge Map. 

H-1056 Budapest, Szerb utca 21–23. I. emelet 35. 
Phone: + 36 1 411-6500 / 4296 
Head of Office: Dr. Ákos TESLÁR 

ELTE Faculty of Science Research and Industrial Relations Center 

In line with the motto "Benefit from Knowledge", the Research and Industrial Relations Center provides services based on the innovation needs of businesses through a research and technological infrastructure that is unique in Central Europe: 

  • implementation of business ideas based on a wide range of scientific research, 
  • innovation support and consultancy with our unique professional competence, 
  • strengthening competitiveness with optimal professional and research support  
  • professional legal, financial, institutional, innovation and project management support for effective management of collaborative initiatives. 

H-1117 Budapest, Péter Pázmány stny. 1 / A, Dean's Office 
Phone: +36 1 411-6500 / 8075 
Further information HERE 

Faculty of Informatics Innovation Lab 

The Lab supports the development of business ideas of students and lecturers, as well as developing the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of both. Participants can embark on their own startup projects or join projects initiated by other participants of the programme. In either case, they will gain practical experience that is crucial for their future careers - be it as researchers or entrepreneurs or as companies - in the keenest and most instructive environment possible: as (co-)founder of a business project involving their own contribution. The Innovation Lab does not support research and development as such, but focuses on innovation; that is, marketing, production, commercialization, and entrepreneurship development. 

H-1117 Budapest, Péter Pázmány sétány 1/C 
Program Manager: Barnabás MÁLNAY 

HU 05.02.2024.

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