Life management support

Life management support

Life Management Support HU

During your time at the university, you may experience personal and emotional issues that impact on your academic work and university life.

The counseling services at ELTE offer a free and confidential support to students to help them develop ways of overcoming difficulties.

Counselors can help you with a wide range of difficulties:

  • Academic difficulties (anxieties about exams and specialization, learning difficulties and disorders, difficulties with study regulations, time management, general stress and anxiety)
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Family problems and parental separations
  • Handling independence
  • Manage transitions (e.g., staying in a dormitory, renting an apartment on your own or sharing an apartment)
  • Difficulties with alcohol or drugs, other habitual addictions
  • Issues around sex and sexuality
  • Psychosomatic symptoms
  • Panic reactions and depression
  • Losses, crises and traumatic experiences
  • Lack of self confidence or low self esteem
  • Identity problems

The Counseling Center at the Faculty of Education and Psychology and the Peer Counseling group offers counseling services for students studying at any ELTE faculties.

Students of the ELTE Faculty of Informatics can receive individual psychological counselling from the psychologists of the Student Support Centre of the Faculty of Informatics.
You can register here or via e-mail:

Students of the ELTE Faculty of Law can receive individual psychological counselling from the counselling team of the Faculty of Law (Orsolya Handa or Ágota Gaskó).
You can register for an appointment via e-mail: