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ELTE introduction

ELTE booklet 2015 (in English and in Hungarian)

ELTE – A community of knowledge (in English and in Chinese)



This bilingual ELTE booklet provides a quick overview about ELTE.

ELTE – A community of knowledge (in English and in Chinese) provides a general overview of research at ELTE. It provides information about the international relations, academic programs in foreign languages, research activities, and units of the university.

ELTE maps


Download the maps of the university buildings (side 1side 2).


Information guide for international students 2019/2020

This Information Guide provides an overview about the university, your rights and administrative duties as an international student, and the opportunities waiting for you during the academic year at ELTE in Budapest, Hungary.


Degree programs for international students

These brochures give a quick overview of the degree programs offered to international students in foreign languages. Detailed program descriptions are published on the university website or can be downloaded from here (preparatory and bachelor's programs) and here (master's programs). Also available in Turkish (preparatory and bachelor's programs and master's programs).

Exchange programs for international students

Download the Erasmus+ Data Sheet here

Summer universities for international students

ELTE Budapest Summer University

Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture

ELTE Budapest Summer University - flyer Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture - flyer
ELTE Budapest Summer University is a two-week program offered to Hungarian and international students, in various study fields. Language of the summer university is English, no Hungarian is required. The Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture brings together interested individuals for an intensive course on Hungarian language and culture in Budapest.