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Most of the IT services required for university life can be accessed with an IIG ID, which will guide the students’ undergraduate years, giving them access to several other interfaces, including correspondence, Teams, and ELTE Wi-Fi.

IIG ID can be required here.


  1. Click on “Belépés” button.
  2. After clicking on the Neptun icon (top right), and then typing the Neptun ID and Neptun password (below) click on the “Bejelentkezés” button.
  3. Click on the “Union Jack flag” below your Neptun ID to swictch into English language.
  4. The "Chosen IIG ID" is a username (preferably referring to the user’s own name), which is from 3 to 12 characters long, and can contain lowercase of English alphabet and hyphens. It cannot contain points, spaces or underscores. It cannot begin with a hyphen or a number.
  5. Enter an at least 6 characters long password in the "Chosen IIG password" and "Chosen IIG password confirmation" field, and this password cannot match the username.
  6. If you also want to use ELTE Wi-Fi, you must also check the box belonging to "I would also like to create a Wi-Fi ID".
  7. Click on “Request” button and your IIG ID (which can be also used for ELTE Wi-Fi) and you have successfully created your email address (which can be used for correspondence, Teams and other O365 services).


All ELTE student is entitled to use the email service of ELTE IT Directorate (ELTE IIG). Questioning of the need for another email address naturally arises. Serious experiences show that correspondence related to university studies is easier for both students and teachers with use of an official ELTE email address.

  1. First of all – in case it is not yet – register an IIG ID on website. (see: above instructions)
  2. Login to interface with your email address (

Information about the service:

  • 100Gb storage capacity;
  • mails are available from anywhere via the web interface ( or can be downloaded to your device with the standard client (Outlook);
  • mobile client can also be used (Outlook mobile);
  • it can be easily set up (practically, all you have to do is to enter the email address and then the password of the ID, from which Outlook can already configure itself);
  • a mailing system that meets today's expectations;
  • you can set any profile picture;
  • the system has refined calendar features (lectures, exams, events announced Teams will automatically appear after accepting the invitation);
  • you can also login to the Microsoft Teams - used for distance learning - with this email address, where the Neptun courses are integrated by the teachers;
  • official matters for studies can be handled more easily and quickly;
  • Neptun mails will certainly arrive in time, without any delay;


One of the bastions of online education is the group work supporting software called Microsoft Teams, which can be necessary and helpful for lectures and exams.

  1. First of all – in case it is not yet – register an IIG ID on website. (see: above instructions)
  2. Login to interface with your email address (


  1. First of all – in case it is not yet – register an IIG ID on website. (see: above instructions)
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi network named “ELTE”. Setup help is available here.


For downloading Office 365 Suite, you can login to with the default ELTE email address and the assigned password.


Mastodon! Mastodon? Yes! As a freshman in 2020, you have the opportunity to be the pioneer of ELTE's own private social media platform. At Mastodon, we can follow our new student mates, teachers, and experienced senior students, who can share their thoughts or important information, and you can also do the same later.

  1. First of all – in case it is not yet – register an IIG ID on website. (see: above instructions)
  2. After the receipt of your IIG ID, login to your own ELTE Mastodon server, to

Finished! More detailed user guide including all functions and regulations will be available later. Let’s look around and have fun during the use!

Detailed description is available on ELTE IIG website. In case of any problem or question, our operator colleagues will be at your disposal.

Telephone: +36 1 372 2500/6800
Fax: +36 1 372 2500/6741

Lágymányos Campus:
Address: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A, VI/126.

Trefort Gardens Campus:
Address: 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/C, alagsor 64.

Further information is available on IIG website.