Pan-European Seal (PES) Internship Program 2021-2022

Pan-European Seal (PES) Internship Program 2021-2022
The internship program, jointly implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2021 is now officially launched. Deadline: 4 March 2021.

The EPO and EUIPO looks forward to welcoming talented graduates from ELTE as candidates for the 1 year-long, paid Pan European Seal professional traineeship programme at the EPO or EUIPO, offering a unique insight into the workings of these international organisations.

Candidates must:

  • be a national of one of the EUIPO, EPO member states including EPO extension states
  • be shortlisted by the sending university, ELTE
  • hold a bachelor's/master's degree (or have completed university studies at an equivalent level) in any of the targeted academic areas, /or have obtained the degree / master diploma no more than two years prior to the date of application, /or graduate in June 2021.
  • have a very good level of English - knowledge of French or German is an advantage.

Additional factors to be considered:

  • experience, interest or motivation in the field of intellectual property protection
  • experience in preparation and implementation of social related projects, team works; previous participation in international programs (Erasmus, etc.), participation in a research programs related to the chosen topic and/or area of interest
  • appropriate communication, organizational and problem-solving skills
  • analytical and solution-centric attitude, ability to work independently and also in a team, responsibility and reliability
  • when already beeing employed at a company (not a must), it is important to duly explain the purpose of the traineeship in the motivation letter
  • certificate of completion of the given online courses provided by organizations (independently by EPO and EUIPO) is not required for the first round of applying.

EPO looks for talented graduates to take up their mission with them in the following areas:

  • Science & Engineering (including IT)
  • Human Resources & Business Administration
  • International Relations & Communication
  • Economics & Finance
  • Law

EUIPO accepts an ELTE shortlist up to 10 candidates, within the following traineeship profiles:

  • Law
  • Intellectual Property (IP) law
  • IP & Knowledge Management
  • Political Sciences & International Relations
  • Linguistics
  • Economics & Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Communication
  • Facility Management
  • Human Resources

Only online applications of the shortlisted candidates will be considered. Kindly note that the same candidates cannot be included in the EUIPO and EPO shortlists. 

Based on the first round of applications, the Eötvös Loránd University Innovation Center evaluates the received applications in its own competence, taking into account basic eligibility and professional aspects. The Center, on the basis of the application criterias, selects applicants to EPO and EUIPO shortlists. Students who are on the university shortlist are entitled to apply directly to the EPO and EUIPO as second-stage applicants. The first round of the application process is organized by the ELTE Innovation Center, as follows:

Applicants interested in the program are requested to send the following documents in English, German, or Spanish to the ELTE Innovation Center, via emailing your application package to  by 4 March 2021. Documents to be attached:

  • an updated curriculum vitae (preferably Europass format with photo, telephone number and e-mail address)
  • motivation letter, clearly indicating the choice of traineeship location (EUIPO or EPO, both can not be chosed within one application) expressing your reasons for applying for traineeship
  • evidence of formal qualifications (diploma) or, where studies are still in progress, a certificate
  • information on language skills, certificate / certificate - if available.

The organizer will notify every applicant of the receipt of the application by e-mail, after which the application materials (applications) will be evaluated according to the basic eligibility and professional evaluation criteria. In the framework of the pre-selection, the Innovation Center decides on the shortlisted candidates only on the basis of the uniformly prescribed documents (application) received via e-mail, before the given deadline. Additional information provided to the Center by other means (eg. personal inquiries, by phone, etc.) will not be taken into consideration during the evaluation.

Please note, that the same student cannot be nominated both on the EPO and EUIPO shortlists. Applicants can submit their application for organizations, but the Eötvös Loránd University Innovation Center can only nominate a candidate on one of the shortlists. Shortlisted candidates will be entitled to submit a direct, second round application to the selected organizations, through the following websites:

Courses to be completed by shortlisted students:

EUIPO requires the completion of at least on of the following courses as part of the 2nd round application:

  • “EUTM in a Nutshell” and/or “RCD in a Nutshell” (4h approximately each)

After the candidate has applied and has been  selected in the 2nd round by EPO, she/he has to complete the following e-learning courses for EPO application, before the start of the traineeship in September 2021:

  • Introduction to the European patent system (mandatory for all)
  • Using CPC (mandatory for science and engineering candidates)
  • The EPO as PCT authority (mandatory for candidates from non-engineering area)

EPO and EUIPO may offer the applicant the opportunity to participate in the program in a field other than the one indicated by the applicant.

Timeline of the selection process 2021/2022:

  • Applications is due from 5February to 4 March 2021 in the first round to ELTE Center of Innovation
  • The Center will evaluate all applications between 2-5 March. Shortlist will be finalised and applicants will be contacted (e-mail) by 8 March.
  • Direct (2nd round) application to EPO and EUIPO between 8-  31 March.
  • Closure of 2nd round application is 31 March
  • Selection process at EPO and EUIPO is in April. If pre-selected by the tutor, the candidate will be invited to a virtual interview during April 2021.
  • Communication of results to candidates by the end of May
  • The traineeship programme (both EPO and EUIPO) will start in September
  • Non-selected candidates remain on the shortlist at least until 31 October.

EPO and EUIPO reserves the right to select candidates from the university shortlists according to their profile and the Offices’s actual business needs. Shortlisted candidates must bear in mind that withdrawals have a serious impact on the selection procedure as well as on the smooth running of the Programme itself. Furthermore, having been selected implies that other candidates have not been able to participate in the Programme due to the limited number of vacancies. It is therefore expected that all candidates give considerate thought to their application and the necessary commitment until the final selection has taken place.

More information related to applications, supporting materials are available as follows – all to be read carefully:



General information on the PES Programme:

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