Astronomical spectroscopy 1-2

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Semesters 1-2

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Autumn/Spring semester

Course description
  • Electromagneic radiaion, astronomical sources in the visible and other spectral ranges
  • History and basics of astronomical spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopes, how they work and their applicaion in astrophysics
  • Infrared and ultraviolet spectra of stars, interstellar medium, galaxies, AGN-s
  • X-ray sources and their spectra
  • Spectral analysis sotware tools: IDL, IRAF, and CLASS (GILDAS)
  • Reducion and analysis of HI 21cm, CO (J=1-0) 2,6mm and NH3 (1,1) 1,3cm spectra
  • Reducion and analysis of opical spectra of stars, spectral classiicaion
  • Reducion and analysis of opical spectra of galaxies, determinaion of redshit
  • Wriing spectroscopic observaion proposals for measurements with facility telescopes: one for the visible and one outside the visible range
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  • Freedman and Kaufmann: Universe. 8th ed., W. H. Freeman Publ., 2007, ISBN: 978-0716785842
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