Be an international student mentor

Little help, big impact

Be an international student mentor
Do you want to make international connections, make new friends and feel motivated to help others? Even a small subsidy, contribution can make a huge difference. Be a student mentor.

We are sure you still remember your first days in Hungary, how it felt to be in a foreign country in a completely new environment with many challenges ahead of you. The opportunity is here to make this experience better for the newcomers. Apply for being an international student mentor.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to guide newcomers, foreign students who have applied to Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities.

Your main task would be to guide your peer students to find their way in Hungary, Budapest, at ELTE (to show them the campus and its surroundings, show libraries, ticket machines, shops and cafes, answering questions, etc.).

If you would like to help peer students, APPLY HERE.

Feel free to contact the Student Union at BTK via with your questions.

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