Call for participation to all students and staff members of ELTE

Call for participation to all students and staff members of ELTE
Since the intensity of the COVID-19 epidemic is increasing, to ensure the safe operation of the University, to prepare the decision-making in the sector, and to help the Operational Staff with taking well-founded measures, the ELTE Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body asks for the cooperation of University Citizens.

We ask you to anonymously give information on whether you are infected by the coronavirus disease, have already recovered, are under epidemiological surveillance, are in home quarantine or have a positive PCR test.

Information is collected anonymously, cannot be connected to a person and only serves collecting statistical data. The caesar ID is only needed to access the questionnaire; it does not store personal data.

You can make your report here. (The form is bilingual.)

We ask you to fill out the questionnaire once a week, each Thursday, starting with 17th September. In the future, we are going to send a regular reminder as well. The questionnaire provides us valuable information even if you are not affected.

We would also like to remind you to keep the following safety rules at all times:

  • covering mouth and nose with a mask
  • avoid touching the face
  • avoid the usual methods of greeting, like hand shaking
  • keep a safe distance (at least 1,5 m) from each other at all times
  • ventilate continuously or very often
  • wash hand often and carefully