CHARM-EU Winter School: Social innovation for a sustainable future

CHARM-EU Winter School:  Social innovation for a sustainable future
If you are a student willing to get involved in a massive European initiative, to meet students from other universities and think the future of European higher education together, we have a little something for you.  CHARM-EU alliance formed by 5 European universities (University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, University of Utrecht and Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and University of Montpellier) is an initiative co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme aimed at rethink and redesign the university of the future. As part of its programme,  CHARM-EU is offering students the opportunity to study on a master’s programme in Global Challenges for Sustainability, in the multiple campuses of CHARM-EU alliance universities across Europe from September 2021. You can find out more about CHARM-EU in this video, or at our social media links at the bottom of this post. 

We are excited to be running an online Winter School Pilot Programme for students from each of the CHARM-EU partner universities to take part in from January 27th to 30th, 2021. During this four-day long programme you will work with some of Europe’s leading academics, stakeholders from industry and civil society, and a diverse team of students to develop solutions to real-world challenges that you will select yourself in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Winter School Pilot Programme is a student-led programme which will introduce you to transdisciplinary thinking and innovative research methods that can be applied across and above academic disciplines. The Winter School is an opportunity for you to develop new skills and competencies that will transfer across many different work and career settings, these include:  

Critical thinking skills  

  • Recognise and evaluate research relevant to your project. 
  • Consider the role of technology in achieving the SDG’s. 

Collaboration skills 

  • Work with a diverse group of students, external stakeholders and leading academics from across Europe. 
  • Gain exposure to different communities of interest and communities of practice. 

Communication Skills 

Develop professionalism and netiquette.  

  • Learn how to collaborate with different cultures in different situations and environments. 
  • Work with a variety of communications platforms and tools. 

Creativity and innovation skills 

  • Develop a mindset for innovation.   
  • Consider a wide variety of tools and select appropriate tools for your solution. 
  • Experiment with and validate your solutions.  

Self-direction skills 

  • Work with researchers and research platforms. 
  • Gain experience with technology that will empower your future. 

Global connections 

  • Work with a distributed student team. 
  • Expand your professional network. 
  • Consider how the SDG’s are relevant to our global society. 

Local connections 

  • Understand your own city in relation to the Sustainability Development Goals. 

Using technology as a tool for learning 

  • Select and evaluate technological solutions to sustainability problems. 


Winter school attendees will receive a certificate of participation in Transdisciplinary Problem Solving for Sustainability. 

Please complete the CHARM-EU Winter School Expression of Interest form by January 13th, 2021, at the link below if you would like to be considered. 

CHARM-EU Winter School 2021, Expression of Interest Form


For more information about CHARM-EU: 

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