Cognitive Neuropsychology



Type of instruction






Recommended in

Semester 3

Typically offered in

Autumn semester

Course description

The aim of this course is to present the methods of cognitive neuropsychology and developmental neuropsychology. The developmental neuropsychology part covers the research methodology of the classical and modern adult neuropsychology. The practical is similar to the lecture in its methods, but different in its approach. The exploration of developmental and acquired childhood disorders and patterns are not achievable without the integrated knowledge of the cognitive architecture and the development of the brain. The course gives a methodical basis and trains skills that are necessary in methodology.Main topics: Test and test-systems, The atypical development of perception, Childhood disorders of memory,Language disorders, Disorders of reading and writing, Developmental deficit in attention and executive processes, Learning disorders, Developmental syndromes, Inherited and developmental disorders, Acquired childhood disorders.

Learning outcome, competences

  • broad theoretical knowledge in cognitive neuropsychology


  • comprehensive theoretical interest


  • comprehensive methodological knowledge

Content of the course
Topics of the course

  • Test and test-systems
  • The atypical development of perception
  • Childhood disorders of memory
  • Language disorders
  • Disorders of reading and writing
  • Developmental deficit in attention and executive processes
  • Learning disorders
  • Developmental syndromes
  • Inherited and developmental disorders
  • Acquired childhood disorders

Learning activities, learning methods
Lectures and interactive discussions

Evaluation of outcomes
Learning requirements, mode of evaluation, criteria of evaluation:

  • attendance

mode of evaluation: examination and practical course mark




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