Cognitive Neuroscience



Type of instruction






Recommended in

Semester 3

Typically offered in

Autumn semester

Course description

The two main goals of the course are the demonstration of the methods of cognitive neuroscience, and the presentation of classical and current findings of cognitive and developmental neuroscience. The presentation of physical, biochemical and morphological bases, and historical accounts has the aim that students understand the choice of particular methods, and be able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of them. The presentation of methods is followed by an intensive review of the main findings of cognitive neuroscience both in the fields of cognition (perception, memory, consciousness, language, etc.) and emotion (face perception, prosody, etc.).

The unfolding of the interrelations of brain-cognition-behavior triad is completed by the review of the findings of developmental cognitive neuroscience. During the course, students are presented with new experimental paradigms coming from the interdisciplinary field of cognitive neuroscience, which may be useful both for theoretical work and clinical practice.

Learning outcome, competences

  • to ensure students can read articles, understand the methods and interpret results.


  • is sensitive to and interested in noticing psychological phenomena and problems


  • to provide an overview of traditional and cutting-edge experimental techniques.

Content of the course
Topics of the course

  • History, Neurons, Networks, Basic Neuroanatomy
  • Brain Lobes
  • Neurons, Networks, Basic Neuro (cont.)
  • Methods 1-2: EEG/EcoG
  • Consciousness, Pathology (Coma), Altered States
  • MEG: MEG: Sensory and Motor Function and Integration
  • Epilepsy
  • Stimulation (TMS / DBS)

Learning activities, learning methods:
Lectures and interactive discussions

Evaluation of outcomes
Learning requirements, mode of evaluation, criteria of evaluation:


  • Attendance,
  • 2 presentations
  • 1 essay.

mode of evaluation: written exam



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