Dankook University International Summer School 2023

Dankook University International Summer School 2023
Dankook University's International Summer School is a yearly recurring series of summer programs taking place in late June, July and August at Dankook University, South Korea.

The International Summer School is divided into three programs over the course of summer: the Global Village in June-July, the Academic Program in July, and the Korean Immersion Program in August.


  • Global Village: June 20 - July 7, 2023 (3 weeks)
  • Academic Program: July 10 - August 3
  • Korean Immersion: August 8-24

Where? Dankook University, South Korea

The Global Village is a unique three-week teaching internship program where participants teach conversation classes in their mother language to small groups of DKU students, before continuing to the Academic Program.

In the four-week Academic Program participants can then attend one or two interesting academic courses taught by international and DKU faculty. During the week after classes and on Saturdays, participants can participate in fun cultural activities like K-pop dance, Taekwondo, Temple Stay, and many more.

Finally, the Korean Immersion Program is a three-week program in August where participants will be completely immersed in Korean language and culture by taking intensive Korean classes and joining various fun cultural activities to learn about Korean culture.

For a more detailed overview of the summer programs, please  visit their International Summer School website at https://summer.dankook.ac.kr/web/summer

The cover photo is from last year's summer course.