Development of the ELTE’s Innovation Ecosystem in line with industry expectations

Development of the ELTE’s Innovation Ecosystem in line with industry expectations

Project title

Development of the ELTE’s Innovation Ecosystem in line with industry expectations

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135.329.975 HUF

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Within the framework of a 36-month program, the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (hereinafter referred to as "NKFI Office") intends to operate a results-oriented, efficient operation of the university innovation ecosystem and, in its absence, to support its deployment. In the context of the first 18-month call for proposals under the National Fund for Research, Development and Innovation (hereinafter: NKFI Fund), you are seeking to establish and operate an utilization, technology transfer and support for cooperation between the University and the business world in research, development, technology and innovation (RDI) and the active participation of the University in EU research and innovation framework programs. 

Goals to be achieved and the expected impacts:

  • Establishing an active, business-friendly relationship between the ELTE and the business community based on mutual benefits.
  • Displaying the university's intellectual and infrastructural competences as a transparent service.
  • Establishing a one-stop shop for businesses at ELTE that collaborates with similar departments in other universities.
  • Operating the University's technology transfer and innovation management activities on a results-oriented basis.
  • Increase the University's external revenues through business utilization of RDI results and expand corporation in close partnerships.
  • Developing and strengthening entrepreneurial mindsets and knowledge among academics, researchers and students.

To achieve the above objectives, it is necessary to:

  • Develope and strengthen the culture and processes of interdisciplinary cooperative work in accordance with multidisciplinary needs;
  • Mapping ELTE’s RDI capacities and services, linking corporate needs and university potential;
  • Strengthen the business attitude, corporate culture within the institution;
  • Expanding the University's partners and network and raising its profile;
  • Broad communication of the University's RDI and business results both at home and abroad.

The Applicant is constantly cooperating with the NKFI Office and the National Intellectual Property Office for the success of this project.

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