Duksung International Summer School

Duksung International Summer School HU
2024 Duksung International Summer School provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Korea's language and culture.

This year's theme is 'The Two Koreas,' focusing on the distinct yet intertwined paths of North and South Korea and the historical, cultural, and political developments of the Korean peninsula. The program consists of an academic credit course about the 'Two Koreas,' Korean language class, and cultural excursions. Students will be hosted at Duksung Women's University, located in the capital of Korea, Seoul, which will allow them to simultaneously explore the modern and dynamic city and the historical and traditional culture.

• Students who are currently enrolled in a university or higher-level institution
• Students who are comfortable in an English speaking learning environment

How to Apply
APPLY HERE⇨Document Submission to byulnama@duksung.ac.kr ⇨ Program Payment

Application Deadline: 2024. 5. 24.(Fri.)
All three steps must be completed by 2024. 5. 24.(Fri.).

Required Documents
• 2024 DISS Application(On-line)
• Official Academic Transcript in English from Home Institution
• Copy of Passport (must be valid during the stay in Korea)
• Travel Insurance (To be submitted before arrival/ Participants are required to provide proof of travel insurance that covers all medical expenses and liability during the stay in Korea.)

Program fee: 1000 USD

Time: 2024 24 June - 13 July

2 students can attend with a 70% scholarship (meaning the fee is 300 USD), those who are interested, please send a message to Ms Ildikó Chmara to ildiko.chmara@rk.elte.hu until 22 May  at the latest so she can nominate you for the scholarship places. It is first come, first serve.

Please send applications and all inquiries to:
Duksung Women’s University International Affairs
Email: byulnama@duksung.ac.kr, intl@duksung.ac.kr
Tel: +82-2-901-4612