ELTE is launching ELTE Alumni Academy

ELTE is launching ELTE Alumni Academy
We are happy to announce that ELTE is launching ELTE Alumni Academy, organized by the International Alumni Chapter. Within the framework of ELTE Alumni Academy, we are planning various (currently online) series of events, held completely in English. Some of these online events will be available to anyone interested, while others will be designed specifically for international alumni members at ELTE.

The first series of events is a popular-scientific lecture series titled “What’s new in science”. In this series, we are organizing lectures held by professors from ELTE and the topics for the lectures will all revolve around science. This series is open to anyone interested, including international alumni of the University.

The lecture series “ELTE goes around the world” will focus on regions where our international alumni come from. We are inviting ELTE international alumni who would like to give a presentation about their country and culture (see Call for Applications).

For the series “ELTE alumni expert stories”, we are planning trainings and workshops held by ELTE international alumni. We are curious to see how their studies at ELTE helped them in their career and to hear about their expertise. We are looking for alumni who would like to hold a training or workshop on their expertise and professional life. Please read details in the Call for Applications.

Finally, we are also planning further trainings (related e.g., to career support) for ELTE international alumni.

This year’s popular-scientific lectures will display the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic on education and learning. The topic of the first lecture is “COVID-19 through the lens of evolution”. The session is going to be held by Dr. Viktor Müller, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science.

Participation is free but registration is required. Sign up here: