ELTE is looking for international speakers for “ELTE alumni expert stories”

ELTE is looking for international speakers for “ELTE alumni expert stories”

what are elte alumni expert stories?

International students at ELTE study at over 100 degree programs. This means that ELTE international alumni develop their expertise on a wide range of fields, built on their university studies at ELTE. We are curious to hear about your career and what role your studies at ELTE played in developing your professional life. ELTE is introducing a new series of online events within the framework of ELTE Alumni Academy: “ELTE alumni expert stories”. In this series, international alumni share their expertise in trainings, workshops, and presentations that they hold to fellow international alumni.


Any international alumni of ELTE who would like to talk about their expertise and share how their studies at ELTE helped them in their professional life.

WHY SHOULD YOU take part in the series?

Would you like to hold a training, workshop, or presentation regarding your expertise? Participate in our series – ELTE alumni expert stories!

  • Share your expertise with other international alumni of the University and inspire students currently studying at ELTE!
  • Build your professional network!
  • Improve your presentation skills!

WHAT are your duties as a Speaker?

  • Prepare content of the online event (the training, workshop, or presentation) related to your expertise.
  • Hold the training, workshop, or presentation via an online event.


STEP 1: Apply

Apply via email at international.alumni@elte.hu

  • In your email please include: Name, Country of origin, Contact info, Year of graduation, Study program, Scholarship program (if any), University activities (if any).
  • Briefly explain why you would like to take part in the series.

STEP 2: Discuss details

The International Strategy Office will get in touch with you and discuss the details of the event.

For further information, please contact:

Gergely Kovács
International Strategy Office

STEP 3: Take part in the event

Hold the training, workshop, or presentation about your expertise.

We look forward to receiving your application.