ELTE ranked first in four academic fields among Hungarian universities

ELTE ranked first in four academic fields among Hungarian universities
According to Times Higher Education’s 2021 Rankings, ELTE is first in the fields of arts and humanities, computer science, physical sciences and psychology in Hungary. Our training in psychology is among the 300 best in the world.

Each year in fall, Times Higher Education (THE) publishes World University Rankings by subject, ranking the best universities in the world. The newest list made for 2021 was published 28 October 2020 and evaluates 1512 higher education institutes in 11 academic fields. For this ranking, the same databases and methods are used as for the World University Rankings, the difference is that for each subject weighting is used to suit the nature of the academic field in question. More information about the surveys and data collecting methods can be found here

Eötvös Loránd University was listed among the best in six subjects, like last year and in three fields it kept its rank from last year. In psychology, ELTE ranks 251–300, in both physical sciences and arts and humanities 401–500 was reached, in life sciences 501–600, in computer science and social sciences ELTE placed 601–800.

In the field of arts and humanities, this year only ELTE made it to the list of the best from Hungary. In computer science, besides ELTE, the University of Szeged was put on the list, in the same block as ELTE, 601–800. Hungary achieved good results in the subject living sciences, six institutes ranked on the list. Of those six universities, Semmelweis University placed first, ELTE is the second just like the University of Debrecen, they both are in the 501–600 block. The University of Pécs, the University of Szeged and the Szent István University are the other Hungarian institutes on the list.

In physical sciences, ELTE is first in Hungary, just like in psychology. The University of Pécs and the University of Szeged also made it to both lists and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics ranked in physical sciences. In social sciences, the first university in Hungary is Corvinus University of Budapest, besides ELTE, the University of Debrecen, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the University of Pécs ranked on the list.

Detailed results and lists by countries and by subjects can be found in the website of THE.

Universities form the United Kingdom and the United States keep their leading positions in the ranking. Stanford University got first place in arts and humanities, business and economics, education, psychology and law.

In clinical, pre-clinical and health and computer science Oxford, in engineering and technology and life sciences Hardvard, in physical sciences California Institute of Technology, in social sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology took the first place.

The United States is represented with the most institutes in the first 100 places, in 9 from 11 subject the best university is in the US. The United Kingdom achieved good results as well, it is represented with the second most universities in all academic fields in the top 100 institutes and Oxford placed first again in pre-clinical and health and computer science.

Although the COVID-19 epidemics made it harder for students to make decisions in connection with their studies, the ranking show that it is worth to take other institutes besides the traditionally strong American and British universities into consideration, said Ellie Bothwell, rankings editor and international reporter at Times Higher Education in connection with the results.