ELTE Researchers hold prominent places in RESEARCH.COM’S Global Ranking

ELTE Researchers hold prominent places in RESEARCH.COM’S Global Ranking HU
Research.com has ranked the world’s best scientists in various fields of science. Researchers from the ELTE Faculty of Science are ranking high on the list in several disciplines at the national level.

The 2022 ranking relies on scientometric data consolidated from various sources. The bibliometric data for devising the citation-based metrics were collected on 21 December 2022. Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s D-index (Discipline H-index), which includes exclusively publications and citation data for the given discipline.

Among the currently active researchers, Professor Emeritus László Lovász, who has received his honorary doctorate from ELTE, ranks first at the national level, and he is thirty-second on the global list in the field of mathematics.

In psychology, Ádám Miklósi, ethologist, academician, and director of the ELTE Institute of Biology, while in the field of physics, István Csabai, physicist, academician, full university professor at the ELTE Department of Physics of Complex Systems, are among the 1,000 most highly cited researchers.

In physics, Zoltán Fodor, full professor at the ELTE Department of Theoretical Physics, and Ádám Kiss, former dean of the Faculty of Science and professor emeritus at the Department of Atomic Physics, are among the world’s top 5,000 researchers.

In chemistry, Attila Császár, full professor and head of the Hevesy György Doctoral School of Chemistry, is ranked second in Hungary, and he is also on the list of the top 5,000 chemists in the world.

In the fields of evolution and ecology, János Török and Gábor Herczeg, professors at the Institute of Biology and the Department of Systematic Zoology and Ecology are also on the list.

It is interesting to note that Pál Erdős gained the most prominent position from Hungary. He ranked thirty-first on the list of mathematicians worldwide. His activity and publications are outstanding in the field of mathematics.

The full list can be found and searched HERE.