ELTE's informatics researcher won a prestigous grant

ELTE's informatics researcher won a prestigous grant HU
Katalin Lázár will research the control of biological networks at the Universities of Boston and Maastricht within the framework of the H2020 Marie-Skłodowska Curie Actions programme of the European Commission.

The assistant professor of the Department of Algorithms and their Applications at the ELTE Faculty of Informatics received a 36-month research grant. She is going spend 24 months at the Center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University in Boston and 12 more months at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of the University of Maastricht. These places of research are internationally recognised, leading research centres. The control of biological networks is the subject of the research to be carried out by Katalin Lázár.

Due to the functional interdependencies between the molecular components of human cells, diseases are usually not the result of gene errors, but are caused by the perturbation of intercellular networks.

Mapping the molecular mechanisms of diseases

is an essential prerequisite for treating complex diseases that are difficult to cure today. Network control based approaches provide a systematic method for achieving significant results through modifying the network at multiple points, which is of outstanding importance for systemic biological and network pharmacological investigations.