ELTE will host the first CHARM-EU Inclusion Conference

ELTE will host the first CHARM-EU Inclusion Conference
On the 16th of September 2022, Eötvös Loránd University will organize the first ever CHARM-EU Inclusion Conference on "Creating an Inclusive University – Access and Participation in European Higher Education: Challenges and Enablers". Registration for the hybrid event is now open.

As the composition of students engaged in Higher Education has increased and diversified globally, equal access and enhancing the social dimension of higher education became central goals in the European Union. Fostering access to quality education is a driver of economic growth and social cohesion while it helps to safeguard human rights and promote quality research, innovation, and citizens' prospects as well. Despite multiple actions promoting access, participation and non-discrimination, many people still face barriers to access and inclusion in higher education.  (Fazekas, 2018)

The CHARM-EU Inclusion Conference aims to act as a catalyst for a shared dialogue between stakeholders and participants to discuss enablers and challenges to access and participation in higher education as well as to identify steps that should be taken to facilitate a more inclusive higher education in Europe and beyond. Participants will share experiences, policies and practices that can lead towards an inclusive higher education sector where every student and staff member feels they belong, can contribute, and thrive as scholars of excellence. The conference will also offer a unique opportunity to draw out the lessons learned in the CHARM-EU Alliance regarding inclusion.

You can now register for the one-day hybrid event, download the programme and read more about its context in the website of the conference.

CHARM-EU: Where inclusion is central to the agenda

CHARM-EU is a CHallenge-driven, Accessible, Research-based, Mobile European University Alliance designed to strengthen the mobility of students and staff and to foster quality, inclusiveness and competitiveness across the European higher education sector. Accessibility and inclusion are interwoven into the DNA of CHARM-EU. In tandem with creating excellence in teaching and learning, the Alliance aspires to foster an open, welcoming, and safe environment through removing barriers and supporting the access and participation of all students and staff. As a new university model, it also offers an extraordinary opportunity to innovate and apply inclusion by design.

Reference: Fazekas, Á. S. (2018), Analysis of access and participation of students with disabilities in higher education. Eötvös Loránd University. Faculty of Social Science, Doctoral School of Sociology Social Policy Programme. Retrieved from: https://edit.elte.hu/xmlui/handle/10831/44521