Empathy can be the key to overcoming discrimination

Empathy can be the key to overcoming discrimination
The PolRom project led by ELTE PPK can give new impetus to the eradication of anti-Roma sentiment. The package of proposals formulated by social psychologists will allow interventions that are not merely well-intentioned but measurably effective to truly reduce discrimination, to take place in the implementation of the EU's Roma strategy. The leader of the international project is Anna Kende, the instructor of PPK.

The project, which began in 2018 and technically ended a few weeks ago, included three main activities. On the one hand, the researchers conducted a representative sample of opinion polls in the five participating countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ireland, France), in which they examined the acceptance of anti-Roma manifestations by society. Then, the statements of politicians about Roma were analyzed, and finally, the existing anti-discrimination initiatives and methods were evaluated, and based on these, concrete proposals were formulated for European decision-makers.
The analysis has shown that these measures lack a scientific background, often failing to take sufficient account of what actually works and what does not. In this package of proposals, the researchers described what we need to pay attention to in order to bring about a real change of attitude.
The recommendations have been disseminated to the highest levels: EU decision-makers have taken PolROm's findings into account when drawing up the European Roma strategy for the next seven years, and Anna Kende recently gave a presentation on the toolkit to Roma contact points in 27 countries.