Information briefing on viral diseases

Information briefing on viral diseases

The cause of the disease associated with pneumonia occurred in China is the newly detected coronavirus which can infect through respiration and orally. The centre of the outbreak is Wuhan, Hubei province in China, but the virus emerged in several other countries, including Europe.

The prevention of the disease is our common interest, therefore we ask our students and colleagues to pursue the following preventive actions.

At the moment, the compliance with the sanitary measures of preventing the acute respiratory diseases is of central importance.

  • Frequently wash your hands and avoid contacting diseased people. Stay at home if you are feeling sick.
  • Entering educational or any accommodating establishment after travelling by public transport, wash your hands and face with plenty of warm, soapy water.
  • In China and in several European countries the seasonal flu epidemics are spreading currently, therefore vaccination against flu is recommended.
  • Those, who travel by plane, are advised to use protective face-mask, covering the mouth.
  • Do not touch your mouth with dirty hands. For sneezing and coughing use disposable tissues and use them only once.

The virus is infecting during its latency period, it is able to spread throughout the first two weeks of symptom-free period as well.

We kindly ask our students and colleagues who plan to travel to China to pay attention to the recommendations of the WHO, the National Public Health Centre ( and to the public information released by the Foreign Office and the consular departments.

In addition, we kindly ask our students and colleagues who have recently returned or will return in the coming days from China, especially from Hubei province, to stay away from social events for two weeks. Pay attention to your personal health and in the case of high fever and having sings of respiratory diseases, go to the appointed establishment by the Centrum Hospital in Dél-pest (,,, the László Hospital and notify them about your travel history.

The absence from presentations and practical classes of recently returned students and colleagues from China is justified after the 10th of February as well, for two weeks after their return.

We will issue further briefings and actions according to the instructions provided by the National Public Health Centre.