International conference on mathematics education in Budapest

International conference on mathematics education in Budapest HU
CERME 13, the largest European conference on mathematics education that will take place this summer, is jointly organised by Eötvös Loránd University and the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics. The scientific congress, to which a thousand participants are expected, will be held at the ELTE Lágymányos Campus in Budapest.

The European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (ERME) will be organising the 13th CERME Conference in Hungary between 10 and 14 July 2023. Every two years, the society convenes experts engaged in the discipline. It offers the participants an opportunity to learn about ongoing research carried out in various countries of Europe and to establish research collaborations.

Mathematics has a fundamental role in thinking, but it surpasses all other sciences due to its abstract nature, which is why it is a discipline difficult to be taught. The eternally valid, yet constantly developing system of thinking must be presented to students – especially in today’s information society – in a way that also reveals its practical use. This is the reason why the work of ERME, bringing together European experts in mathematics education, is of high importance.

From the very beginning, the stated objective of CERME conferences was to encourage European researchers engaged in the theory and methodology of mathematics education to think together. Consequently, symposium is implemented in the form of collaborative group work rather than individual research reports. Participants can apply with their papers to a specific thematic working group and work together with their group members throughout the conference. This provides them with a favourable opportunity for in-depth work and getting acquainted with the most eminent researchers in their field. The groups share their findings with others in plenary sessions, where the discussions can be held in a wider community. Researchers may also present themselves at poster sessions and receive feedback on their work. The conference also includes sessions focused on the future actions and objectives of the organisation.

The event to be held in Budapest is jointly organised by ELTE and the Rényi Alfréd Institute of Mathematics. The chair of the local organising committee is Csaba Csapodi, assistant professor at the ELTE Mathematics Teaching and Education Centre and research fellow at the Methodology Department of the Rényi Alfréd Institute of Mathematics. The international program committee is chaired by Paul Drijvers, full professor at the University of Utrecht and scientific director of the Freudenthal Institute. Two buildings of the Lágymányos Campus of ELTE Faculty of Science will serve as the venue of the conference. Nearly 1,000 participants are expected to the conference, even from countries outside Europe.

László Lovász, mathematician and former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, as well as Berta Barquero, associate professor at the University of Barcelona are invited speakers of the plenary sessions.

Before the CERME conference, on 9 and 10 July 2023, a traditional two-day event called YERME Days will be held for young researchers engaged in European mathematics education. At this event, Master’s students, Ph.D. candidates, and post-docs with a recent Ph.D. degree can meet one another and learn about various trends existing in European mathematics education and their representatives.

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