Life-style, Recreation, Exercise: Life-style, Recreation and Health



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Semester 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

The course asks whether is it possible to talk about life-style, recreation and health from a scientific point of view, which are the main research areas, are there validated theories in the field. We examine whether – in addition to the theoretical thinking – could we give guidelines for how to fill days with happiness, has the well-being an internally constructed culture, a kind of generealisable behavioural practice. It seems important that could we, and, at all, is it necessary to help to avoid the catch of bad mood, is it possible to construct multidisciplinary models which could orient us to establish our individual quality life. We also examine the relationships of the life-style elements to the risk factors of diseases and to the prevention.

The aim of the course is to build a bridge between the academic theories and “life-style manipulations” of the magazines, in order to bring theories into practice, to spread methods that have well established scientific background. Today we do not have evident answers and solutions in how to create well-being; we still search for the right ways. We invite the participating students to this interesting and promising journey.

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