Modern Trends of Clinical Psychology Research:​​​​​​​ Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide with Special Focus on Young People



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Semester 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

The course reviews the risk and protective factors for suicide on the base of the actual knowledge. About 800,000 people die from suicide annually, in age group 15-29 it is the second leading cause of death. In case of people who commit or attempt suicide, 90 percent of them suffer from psychiatric disorder – mostly untreated. The goal of the course is to get acquinted with researches in this field. Besides psychiatric disorders overviewing the latest researches in the field of further risk factors (family history, life events, special life stages) is also part of the course syllabus. In the semester students also get acquinted with the biological researches in the field (neurocognitive, neuroanatomic, biomarker, genetic, epigenetic). As part of the course besides overviewing risk factors getting acquinted with researches in the field of protective factors (individual, family, society level) takes place as well.

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