Organizational Psychology and Leadership



Type of instruction




Part of degree program


Recommended in

Semester 1-4

Typically offered in

Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

The aim of this course is to provide insight into the psychological problems related to organizations and management using the most current literature. During the course we will focus on the most important theoretical trends and on the thematic issues of organizational and management psychology. Our primary goal is to stimulate deeper awareness in personal reflections related to the functioning of organizations, to develop the ability of students to recognize the most relevant issues in this domain and to define further research directions, and to choose the appropriate conceptual and methodological tools. The course provides insights into the new issues and specific areas of the management of modern organizations, focusing both on characteristics of the external environment of the organizations and on individual characteristics as well. The course will highlight the dynamism of the selection process, and the individual and organizational factors which impact on performance management. Students will acquire an overview of the theoretical and methodological approaches and descriptive models related to job suitability and performance appraisal.

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