Pornographic photos and cultural spaces

Pornographic photos and cultural spaces HU
The researchers of ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences have been seeking answers for the question why, in the 1990s, Hungary became a significant actor in the international porn industry.

Anikó Gregor, Gergely Csányi and Fanni Dés analyzed historic documents (press/media contents, testimonies, oral history interviews) and reviewed the Hungarian and international literature, in order to examine those economic and social processes that caused Hungary to become a market leader in the international porn industry.

The authors have identified numerous factors that provided Hungary—in comparison with other countries of the region—a competitive edge in the international porn industry, such as: the international capital influx since the 70s, the relatively developed infrastructure of the country, the inequal gender relations of state socialism, as well as the rise of market fundamentalist ideologies in Hungary around the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The paper has been issued by the Q1-ranked journal Sexualities.