Quarantine diaries

Quarantine diaries
In the new series launched by the International Office at the ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology, students and teachers share their ideas and experiences during the period of coronavirus epidemic restrictions.

The ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology devotes special attention to the mental and spiritual well-being of its students and teaching faculty, particularly because of the field of science it represents. The faculty has carried out several surveys and analyses concerning the challenges of the introduced restrictions and distance learning, while the Life Coaching and Counselling Centre offers online sessions for those who feel that they need support in this time of difficulty.

The latest initiative of the International Office at the faculty is the video series Quarantine Diaries, in which members of the teaching faculty and students share their experiences and also come up with ideas on how to stay in balance under the conditions determined by the novel, unusual circumstances. Tips include new, useful habits, hobbies, sports and recreational activities that can be done at home, as well as the consumption of cultural content that we previously missed out for the lack of time and other reasons. Virtually any creative, fine arts activity – be it drawing, painting, or playing an instrument – may promote the establishment of mental balance. Additionally, the hours spent compulsorily at home can also be used for language learning, as we can find content and tutorials on the online interfaces to practice any language.

The English-language series is open to anyone who wants to share their daily life in the quarantine with the community of the faculty. The videos published so far are available on the YouTube channel of the faculty and the Facebook page of the International Office.