Research Field Practice in Developmental Psychology

Type of instruction


Part of degree program
Typically offered in

Autumn/spring semester

Course description

Aim of the course:
The aim of the course of „Research Paper in Developmental Psychology” is to participate in a
research with ethical permission using and deepening previously obtained knowledge of
developmental psychology and research methods and to write a small research paper.

Learning outcome, competences


  • To know how the developmental psychological theories can be incorporated into a research plan, to construct a research plan
  • To know the practical issues of developmental psychological research: to participate in elaboration of developmental psychological literature and/or collecting data and/or statistically analyzing developmental psychological data and/or interpreting data, discussing the findings
  • To know the rules of publishing developmental psychological research


  • Working independently but cooperating with others
  • Accepting and building up criticism and help
  • Targeting high standard work


  • Able to self-correct
  • Able to interpret scientific research and write scientific text

Topics of the course

  • Recognizing the topic of research; selection of the partial task of research; timing tasks; partial tasks can be work related to the study: to write a review, to collect literature, to collect data, to analyze data, to write research paper; correcting.
  • Learning activities, learning methods
  • The small paper can be an overview on the student’s work. In case of review the research paper should fulfill the requirements of proper form and content of publishing. The student should consult continuously with the supervisor individually or in group depending on problems or teaching needs.