Research Field Practice in Social Psychology

Type of instruction


Part of degree program
Typically offered in

Autumn/spring semester

Course description

Aim of the course:

The main goal of the course is to put theory into practice: students are
required to conduct an empirical research (or part of it).
Major research paper: Students are required to complete a small empirical study on an issue
relevant to social psychology and to present it in a research paper (introduction based on the
literature, questions and hypotheses, method, results, discussion, maximum 15 pages and it has
to be minimum 8 pages without references and appendices, single spaced, 1 inch margins). It is
an independent work under the supervision of the instructor, but the topic of the research and
data collection can be connected to the ongoing empirical research projects of the instructor.
A Minor Research Skills Paper offers students the opportunity to gain some practice in research
by taking an active role in the ongoing research work of the instructor. Students do not need to
submit an actual paper, only a summary of the tasks they completed during the course.

Learning outcome, competences


  • Knows the theoretical background of the topic of the research paper
  • Knows the methodology and measures of the research paper


  • Shows ethical sensitivity to the research project
  • Shows opennes and sensitivity to the participant’s questions and problems


  • Able to design and conduct a social psychological research
  • Able to process the literature independently

Topics of the course

  • Selection of the topic
  • Design the research
  • Conduct the research
  • Statistical analysis of the research data
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Oral and written presentations of the research

Compulsory reading list
Breakwell, G.M. (Ed.) (2004). Doing Social Psychology Research. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers.
American Psychological Association (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Washington: American Psychological Association.

Recommended reading list
Smith, E.R., Mackie, D.M., Claypool, H.M. (2014). Social Psychology 4th edition. New York,
NY: Psychology Press