Research of Socialization and Child Development. Research in Childhood Development



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Semester 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

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Changing image of childhood in the history of developmental psychology. Specific methodological problems of developmental research. The major sources of data in developmental research: observation, experiment, and quasi-experiment. The prominent role of observation in developmental psychology – requirements of observation as a scientific technique. Techniques of coding behaviour. Specific problems of conducting experiments with infants and young children. The parent as the source of information. Typical mistakes in the attempts to reveal the causes of development. Age as a variable; the change of the meaning of time units with age. Age matching. The cohort-effect. Research designs to study development: cross-sectional comparison, longitudinal strategy, time-lagged design – strengths and weaknesses, sources of errors. Complex (sequential) designs – combinations of the above. Tackling moderation and mediation using multivariate analyses.

Current issues in the research into perceptual and cognitive development, language acquisition, temperament, emotional development, attachment, and peer interactions. The role and development of play. Diagnostics of development – the meaning of measures of early development. Biological and social-environmental hazards of early development. The role of early experiences. Protective factors and mechanisms; resilient children.

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