Risk Taking, Innovation and Enterpreneurship in Individuals and in Organizations



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Semester 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

Innovation is the engine of the social and economic growth. It requires creativity, entrepreneurial orientation and attitudes, and abilities to implement ideas. After reading and presenting comprehensive studies, meta analyses and empirical works on individual and organizational innovation, knowledge will be intensified through interactive discussions. Creativity will be regarded as a result of individual, social and cultural processes, which can be studied in experimental and field studies. After discussing the antecedents of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, the organizational conditions of innovation e.g. organizational culture, implementation of ideas, reaction of colleagues, team composition, leadership will be tackled. Finally the impact of the environmental conditions, such as the competitiveness of the partners, the political, economic and judicial climate will be analyzed. We aim to provide the participants with theoretical. methodical tools to gain innovative ideas for their own research.

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