Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations

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Semester 1

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Autumn semester

Course description

The course will introduce into the crossroads of social psychology where individality and collectivity clash. The behavior in terms of intergroup relations implies the operation of the whole range of psychological, sociological, cultural and historical processes. The course has been designed to highlight the structure of malignant intergroup social psychological processes steeming from the intergroup experience. Categorization, stereotyping, prejudice, ethnocentrism, biassed attribution will be discussed in relation to disciplines other than social psychology. The approach is offering a multiplicity of viewpoints and will reveal the richness and diversity that characterize this field. Experiments, multimedia demonstrations, secondary analysis of empirical srudies related to the field will be used in order to enhance the level of knowledge concerning the social psychology of intergroup relations. Still the basic question will loom unanswered: „is intergroup hostility inevitable”?


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