Structure of the Universe 1-2

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Semesters 3-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

Semester 1: Cosmology

Brief history of cosmology - introducion to general relaivity - models of the expanding universe - the standard cosmological model – thermodynamics of the expanding universe – paricles in the early universe – cosmic microwave background – dark mater and dark energy – paradoxes of standard cosmology – the inlaionary model

Semester 2: Large-scale structure

Brief introducion to galaxies – extragalacic distance measures – acive galaxies and quasars – galaxy clusters – surveying the large-scale structure – visible and dark mater – surveying the invisible mater – staisical descripion of the distribuion of mater – origin and evoluion of large-scale structure – the cosmic microwave background and its connecion to the large-scale structure

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