The ELTE Jessup team retains its leading position in Europe

The ELTE Jessup team retains its leading position in Europe HU
The ELTE Jessup Team finished second place in the European Friendly competition on 11 March 2023. At the event organised in Geneva, the ELTE team reached the finals with a perfect score, leading the field by 200 points. 19 teams took part in the competition, and nearly 100 judges assessed the performance of the competitors in a total of 31 rounds.

Emma Koch (applicant), Kinga Farkas (applicant), Domonkos Polonyi (respondent), and Andrea Nagy (respondent) making this year’s ELTE Jessup Team retained the position of ELTE among the best teams in the field. The ELTE team defeated contestants coming from Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland (Geneva), and North Macedonia. Emma Koch won the ‘best oralist’ award in the final as she clearly stood out from the four finalists.

The balanced strength of the team is clearly reflected by the fact that all four members of the Hungarian team finished among the top ten oral agents: Andrea Nagy at the 2nd, Domonkos Polonyi at the 3rd, Emma Koch at the 4th, and Kinga Farkas at the 8th place from eighty competitors in the individual ranking.

This year, the team members were prepared for the competition by Dr. habil. Gábor Kajtár LL.M. (Cambridge) associate professor and Dr. Zolta Buda, assistant professor, 2019 Jessup World Cup Champion.

We would like to thank our fantastic sponsors for their support, without whom this success could not have been achieved, with special regard to Hegymegi-Barakonyi and Partner Baker & McKenzie Attorneys-at-Law and the Dentons Réczicza Law Firm. We are also deeply indebted to the Bittera, Kohlrusz & Tóth Law Firm, the Ministry of Justice of Hungary, and the Ignác Frank Foundation.