The method to log in to Neptun is changing

The method to log in to Neptun is changing HU
From July 27, 2023, user identification at Eötvös Loránd University' system will change to two-factor authentication. The University notifies all concerned about the introduction of the new system in a Neptun message.

The recent IT security incidents made it necessary for access to Neptun to come up with a more secure solution than the password-only method used until now. From July 27, 2023, when entering Neptun's web interface, user identification became a two-step process.

  • The first step is the usual, password-based identification; there is no change in this.
  • The second step is to enter a code made up of numbers that can be used only for a short time, which can be provided by a smartphone application or received by e-mail.

Users will receive detailed information about tasks and options during login. The log-in process is shown in the following video:

If the user encounters a problem during login, which he cannot solve even after viewing the information materials, he can ask for help from the Quaestura Office of Student Services calling +36 1 381 2353.