The Motivated Society: the Psychology of Social Relationships



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Semester 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

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The main feature of the PhD module is that it does not lose sight of the macrostructural relations of the society and those motives summed up in social scale and appearing at personal level which keep the society going and set the course of the society. The conceptual construction of ”motivated society”, which is not completely conventional but it has been developed in Hungarian researches, relies on all the social psychological theories which deal with the the moving and the braking forces of social groups, the motivation and effective operation of power, and the dynamics of the level of aspiration and the economy. In this regard, the concept of justice/inequity associated with the formation of norm-consciousness and the motivation of collective activity, the not exhausted topic of the authoritarian society and personality and the symbolic politics, the dynamics of consumption and enterprise, and the psychology of trust taking part in effect also in this deserves special attention. We demonstrate the models of literature of the factors forming the social/emotional atmosphere and the consequences coming from these. The analysis of macrostructural (interstrata and intergroup) changes are realized and accomplished by the examination of the dynamics and the emotional appearance of the interpersonal social relationships in international background and in
Hungarian relation.

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