The multifaceted application of art, research, and therapy

The multifaceted application of art, research, and therapy
Prominent researchers and art experts from eleven countries presented their results and experiences in the field of art-therapy at the joint conference of the Emotion and Mind Integration for Neuropsychological Development Research Group of the Faculty of Education and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University and the Hungarian Art Therapy Association (MMT).

The presentations and professional workshops of the three-day Art – Therapy – Research international conference showcased the intersections of creation, art-therapy, and art-therapy research. The prestigious speakers covered topics such as emotional processing, the theory of phototherapy, and changes in the relationship to the body in psychopathology, through works. Those interested were able to learn how to recover from traumatic experiences, whether art can be a self-help method, and learn about evidence-based quantitative results in the therapeutic support of PTSD, oncology, and psychiatric patients.

Workshop participants were able to see how effective art-therapy is in the “self-maintenance” of professionals, how it can support learning processes, and how it can be integrated into a traditional education system. There was talk of how art can be used as a crisis intervention method in case of a disaster, how photos can be used to evoke memories and deepen therapeutic work, and there was an opportunity to try digital community art-therapy.

The organizers - led by Dr. Renáta Cserjési and Zsuzsanna Geréb have received positive feedback and hope that they can hold the event in person next year.

Source: ELTE PPK