The recognition of Laura Jurecska

The recognition of Laura Jurecska HU
This year, from Hungary, a researcher at the ELTE Department of Microbiology has won the Danubius Young Scientist Award, a prize given to young researchers with extraordinary achievements in the Danube Region.

The award was established in 2011 by the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBFW) with the intention of honouring young persons for their activities in fourteen member states of the Danube Rectors’ Conference (DRC). Every year, one researcher from each country of the Danube Region wins the honorary title.

The Danubius Young Scientist Award recognizes valuable and outstanding scientific achievements in the fields of natural and social sciences related to the Danube Region. Each country can nominate three young researchers from their universities and research institutes. From the nominees, one winner from each country of the region is selected by experts at the Austrian Ministry. This year, from Hungary, the research activity of Laura Jurecska was recognized.

The award ceremony can be viewed here:

The research fellow at the ELTE Department of Microbiology obtained her PhD degree from ELTE in 2015. During her doctoral research, she studied the Living Machine wastewater treatment technology, as well as the properties of the biofilm carriers used there and the biofilm forming on them. The findings of her research team contributed to increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment. In addition to the remediation of sites contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons, the work of the young environmental chemist is focused on the chemical classification of water samples from special wetlands and wastewaters. She also contributes to enhancing the popularity of natural sciences by publishing popular scientific articles and giving experimental presentations.

In 2019, the award was won by Katalin Sulyok (ELTE Faculty of Law), and in 2016, by Karolina Janacsek (ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology).