The spring semester starts online

The spring semester starts online HU
Due to the fifth wave of the pandemic, Eötvös Loránd University introduces online teaching for at least 3 weeks in the beginning of the spring semester. To the student absences the general regulations apply, dormitories operate in normal form.

The ELTE Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body (JOKT) has issued a briefing on 20 January 2022 about the new measures that have been taken to protect University citizens. According to the briefing, the University starts the lessons in the 2021/2022 spring semester in online form. The Coordinating Body continuously monitors the information on the spreading of the virus and decides about changing the teaching method in light of those.

Based on the fact that

the ratio of vaccinated professors, researchers, teachers and staff is almost 100%, and it is also very high amongst students,

the university hopes that the fifth wave of coronavirus in the University community will precedes the national tendencies and it will not have a defining effect on the second half of the spring semester. The University will issue a separate briefing on the time of switching back to classroom learning with providing one week notice for preparation to everyone concerned.

To the student absences the general regulations apply, dormitories operate in normal form. Practical trainings can be performed in person if the practice place institution orders it that way.

The leadership of the University would like to emphatically remind every University citizen to follow the basic health regulations, and to wear a mask in the communal places of the University that covers the nose and mouth. They ask everyone to only visit the buildings, facilities and classes of the University when they feel healthy and they do not exhibit any symptoms of coronavirus or the flu.